Reasons Why Dogs Make Good Pets

January 21st, 2019

Reasons Why Dogs Make Good Pets

As a loyal and protective animal, the dog has become a human companion for more a long period of time. Especially, this is one of the first domesticated animals in history. In fact, dogs can be able to make us laugh more than cats. They also keep us active. Plus, they can reduce our chances of depression as well. This article will give you reasons why dogs make good pets. Check out to get more.

Dogs Make Us Laugh

In fact, people who get a dog to their home will laugh over the course of a day. Furthermore, people who have just dogs and both dogs and cats normally laugh more than the other two groups.

Dogs Are Loyal

Nowadays, there are a lot of domesticated house dog between 18,800 and 32,100 years ago. They are evolved from wolves. You know, Wolves actually live in packs and developing strong bonds between other members. That’s why today’s dogs are so loyal.

You are More Social with a Dog

According to a team of scientists at the Universities of Liverpool and Bristol in the UK, UK residents with dogs can be able to encounter other dogs as well as dog owners than ones with no dog. In addition, the average American tends to get a dog than the other common house pet like a cat.

Dogs can Keep Us Healthy

Dogs even can be able to prevent us from poor health. Indeed, when living in households with a dog, you can get a lower risk of developing some problems such as asthma and allergies caused by dust.

According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. If you expose to dust from households that have dogs inside and outside, you can avoid allergens caused by an altered community of microbes in mice’s gut. The fact is that these microbes can help to prevent young children from developing allergens.

We are More Active with Dogs

Obesity is one of the most concerns today. That’s why you need to get regular exercise. The fact is that 60% of dog owners can meet federal criteria for regular moderate as well as vigorous exercise. Indeed, they have to take their dogs to walk regularly. The Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services showed that elderly people walking their pets will get a more regular exercise routine.

Dogs can Save Lives

In spite of not being a cat’s best friend, many lucky cats were saved by a blood transfusion from dogs. In fact, some dogs come with a universal blood-donor type that can be used to save the cat’s life. In addition, dogs can be able to help humans thanks to acting as an early warning system for patients with seizures as well. Trained dogs can help the patient prevent injury from falling down.

We can Get a Sense of Purpose from Dogs

Dogs are considered as a good companion for anyone, especially for the elderly. According to the Journal of Social Psychology, the elderly who have a dog normally feel more satisfied with their physical, social, and emotional state than other people without a dog.

We will Feel Happy with Dogs

Just by making eye contact with your dog, you can release the feel-good chemical that is called oxytocin. In fact, if you don’t look directly at your dog, you will get the lower oxytocin levels than making regular eye contact.

In addition, you will also be less depressed, have higher self-esteem, be happier, less lonely, and experience less perceived stress if you own a dog.


It is really a great experience when you own a dog. The thing you need is just the responsibility. Before actually buying a dog, you need to foster him for a few weeks. By this way, you can determine what kind of schedule you need to keep.

The benefits of owning a dog

It’s a great thing when you have a long walk with your furry friend on a fresh morning. You may not know that your dogs can be able to repay the love ten-fold when you give them. Dog owners will have lower blood pressure than others. Also, they have a stronger immune system to prevent sickness and bugs.

Children with a furry friend will get fewer days off school because of sickness. A dog is a great choice for those who stay alone. Dogs may be also fantastic fun. They are capable of making you laugh at the end of a hard day. In addition, you can also the valuable time to be with your faithful friend by walking with him.

Most importantly, you have to think very thoroughly before deciding to get a dog. This is a hard work because he will rely on you for many years later.