Park Rules & Safety

City of San Dimas Dog Park Rules

  1. Use of the dog park is a voluntary activity. Users assume the risk of personal injury or property damage associated with the use of the dog park.

  2. Dog Park hours are dawn to dusk.

  3. No more than 3 dogs per person are allowed in the park at one time.

  4. Users must monitor and control their dogs at all times.

  5. Dogs must never be left unattended.

  6. Owners must clean up after their dogs.

  7. Dogs must wear a flat collar with current tags visible. No pronged, spiked or choke collars allowed.

  8. Users must keep their dogs on leashes going to and from the leash-free area.

  9. Dogs must have current licenses and vaccinations and be free from contagious diseases.

  10. Aggressive behavior by dogs is not permitted.

  11. Puppies under 4 months of age are not permitted.

  12. Spaying/neutering of dogs is required.

  13. Children 12 years and under must be closely supervised by an adult at all times. Infants and toddlers are not recommended. Parents must ask permission from the dog owner for children to play with a dog.

  14. Excessive barking is not allowed.

  15. No food or treats of any kind, dog or human, are permitted.

  16. No animals other than dogs permitted.

  17. Users must fill holes made by their dogs.

  18. Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in all city parks.

  19. Users must obey all other park rules.

  20. Commercial/professional dog training is not permitted unless approved by the City.

  21. The City reserves the right to refuse patron access.

  22. The leash-free area is subject to closure without notice for maintenance.

Violation of any of the above regulations may result in loss of leash-free area privileges and/or citation.  SAN DIMAS MUNICIPAL CODE 13.16.400

    Inland Valley Humane Society 909/623-9777
    Sheriff’s Department 909/599-1261
    San Dimas Parks & Recreation Department 909/394-6230